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To learn more about your first assignment in RQI or what to expect overall, click on the videos below.
RQI 2.0 First Assignment
RQI 2.0, What to Expect

RQI 2.0 Features:

Consistent skills training each quarter
Each quarter, you will have the same manikin assignments that should take about 5-10 minutes to complete:

1.Adult Compressions & Ventilations
2.Infant Compressions & Ventilations

2-Rescuer CPR has been removed from the curriculum.

Shorter, more frequent cognitive modules
Previously in RQI, the cognitive module information and simulations were lumped all together and due at the end of the year. In RQI 2.0, the content will be spaced out into shorter modules that will be due each quarter. Estimated time to complete the quarterly cognitive modules:

BLS  10-15 mins
ALS  20-35 mins
PALS  30-40 mins

Only one set of skills checks per quarter for multiple certifications
Employees who hold multiple certifications such as ACLS (now called ALS) or PALS will have only one set of manikin assignments each quarter, instead of two or three.

Simplified learning experiences
The simulations have been redesigned to give you a more realistic experience when directing the actions of rescuers. There are new simulations that have a cleaner look and feel.

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